Ever since I was young, I have been curious, creative and had a deep love of nature. I was always imagining and painting as a child, enjoyed photography from my early teens, and pursued my love of poetry and philosophy in university. But it wasn’t until eight years after graduation that I embraced my interests and began to live authentically to who I truly am.

For years I put myself through jobs I severely disliked to make money before suffering a head injury in 2014. The injury was the wake-up call of a lifetime for my husband, Trevor, and myself, causing our minds and priorities to shift. Together, we transformed our relationship and our lives from dark and barren to lovely and curated. But I still refused to embrace who I was, jumping from hobby to hobby with the goal of turning something into an income. I felt lost and unhappy in myself, with myself and in my life.

I became burnt on writing, burnt on blogging, burnt on capturing moments, and disinterested in art.

It wasn’t until 2019, five years later, that Trevor and I became debt-free– I realized I should stop pressuring myself to earn an income from the things I enjoy to do, and simply enjoy them. I had a listless blog, “See Ally Go,” that I had no direction for. The day I realized I should let go, I should stop pressuring myself, was the day I gained direction and felt a purpose for myself: to create, as I’ve always wanted to.

That weekend I went into the woods and began walking the path I was meant to walk all along.