Autumn sunsets are filled with such comfort. Maybe its the gentle glow of the sun as it dips below the purple mountains on the horizon, or, maybe its the sweet stillness we experience here on top of the mountain I live on. Whatever the reason, I’m grateful for the sweet slow-burn of a fall sunset.


Nature is constantly reminding us that nothing is permanent. As day turns to night, as trees shed their leaves to protect their roots, as the moon goes through phases, as the seasons change, we are shown time and time again how wonderful it can be to let go.

I used to find letting go difficult to do, unnatural even. But nature does not find letting go hard to accomplish. Letting go, leaving and moving on are all simple and easy tasks for the natural world. Toxic relationships, belongings we don’t use anymore, poor influences and unhealthy habits are all things we should strive to shed from ourselves as easily as the trees shed their leaves. Autumn, it seems, is nudging us to remember to do so with it’s colorful physical display of loss.

As the weather cools autumn also reminds us to let go of the business of summer. Summer, at least in the little town that I live in, seems to be filled with events. We stuff our time with a social life, meeting people and going places, to do things until we cannot move our bodies and run out of time to spend. Not that any of these things are bad things, but they certainly can be exhausting!

Business yields barrenness, and if we continue full-steam ahead we eventually run out of energy, or find we are living a life we are unhappy with. By letting go of the business, in slowing ourselves and the pace of our engagements, we can listen better to our hearts and our minds. We can invest more of ourselves into the things that move our souls and let go of the things that do not. Living slower means we spend meaningful moments, rather than simply our time, with the things and people we love most.


I recently let go of all the reasons and excuses I’d used in the past to hold myself back from creating things I’m proud of. It was a lesson that took me decade to learn, but I let go of all the fear I’d had of rejection and judgement. I let go of the judgement I passed on myself and my work, and let go of meaningless expectations I’d placed on my work. Those things don’t really matter at all, do they?

In shedding the negativity I’d absorbed, the deadness, the deadweight, it feels as though I’ve blossomed into kind of a new person. I see the world through happier eyes these days, and my heart feels full of love for everything.

Sometimes I wonder how long this can possibly last, and I wonder if I’ll be contemplating the same things this time next year. For now I’ll hold onto this raw emotion and this creativity, and see how it moves me.

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