All signs of summer have gone from the place that I live in Pennsylvania. There is no more grueling and humid heat, no more mosquitos, and no more breathtakingly vibrant sunsets. Instead the trees are starting to turn bright shades of green, yellow, orange and red. The sun casts a golden hue around us while the air is a chilled, a whispered promise of the impending winter to come.


I fall into a new rhythm this time of year, focusing less on the bright light and energy of summer that calls me to be more social, take on too many activities, and give myself away. I turn inward, pulled back to what feels like the place I belong and the real me. The cool beauty of autumn ignites a fire in my heart, reminding me just how much I adore the world that I live in. It cultivates in me a burning desire to spend my time outside in the crisp air, to take as much of the scenery and inspiration in as I possibly can.

Yet while I feel this insatiable need to return outside, to soak it all in and savor this place in autumn time, I step into a much more thoughtful and creative version of myself. I love that I get to experience all of the seasons in Pennsylvania, because they make the world around me seem so fresh a new throughout the year. But autumn, and even winter, feels like the place I belong; the time I am most excited, and the time I am most happy.


It’s easy for me to take more time to appreciate the world around me this time of year. It seems as though my thoughts become deeper, my words have renewed spirit to them, and my mind is more eager to reflect. For me fall is a time to nurture my mind and my soul, a time to let in the energy of nature and open up to the ignited creativity in my heart.


Not only did this happen this year, but it happens every year. This year, however, I’m not going to be holding myself back any longer. This year I will let myself fall heart-first into the things that inspire me and the way I wish to express myself. This year I have full-bodied anticipation for the season to come.

I’ve spent a week editing all the photos I took that first Saturday in my unbridled creativity, the day Trevor and I went on a photography adventure. To be honest, I probably deleted half the shots. Its a decision that is usually somewhat difficult for me, but this time around I was swift and sure; for some reason I was more cut-throat about the images I wanted to keep and share.


Perhaps I’ve grown this autumn as a person in a less obvious way than striving for authenticity. Maybe I’m a little more sure of myself and a little more confident. Or, maybe, I’ve grown as a photographer and started to take my creative expression in this medium more seriously, or view photography more authentically. Whatever the case, I’m very happy with the end results.

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