This little adventure I’ve embarked on, in an effort to live truer to my heart instead of hiding and masking who I am, has already begun to touch the lives of the people around me. It seems there is something about living in an honest way, and being really happy, that captures the mind and heart at their core. And, so, the concept of living life authentically spreads like wildfire.

Having people tell me I have inspired them with my actions and words already makes me feel such a sense of pride in myself. I’m helping people I love re-discover themselves, and that’s absolutely amazing! It’s honestly not something I’d ever considered possible for myself to do. Now that I’m confronted with it, being told that I am responsible (and my words are responsible) for self-reflection and making changes, I just can’t believe it.

All the messages of thanks and kind words reaffirm that I am on the right path. Listening to my heart, letting go of all my fear and sharing that life is the right thing for me to do. Giving this blog my soul and my energy is the right thing for me to do. Sharing my experiences and personal growth is changing peoples lives for the better, and it is so beautiful.

I find it funny to think that one month ago I had absolutely no direction. I had no goals for myself, other than to make the life Trevor and I want a reality and to live it happily with him. But, in the blink of an eye, with one small realization, everything changed for me. Which is often the way change comes and goes, isn’t it?


There are several books I have on living a life authentic to who one truly is. These books are disguised as a range of genres that cover a variety of topics and concerns an individual my have. But they all share the same wisdom: be authentic to who you are and your own ethics at all times, no exceptions. Stop ignoring your soul and, instead, listen to it. Live your life following its guidance as best you can.

After coming to the understanding that the majority of the books on my shelf are essentially trying to tell me the same thing, I looked towards my own self. I asked whether I thought I was being the person I was meant to be. As you may have guessed, the answer was a resounding “no.”

With that knowledge, after some tears, I set out to forge my life.


In order to achieve our own society’s definition of success and wealth we take on roles, jobs and carriers that we are not passionate about. Not only that, but we pour our whole selves into them at the expense of our health, our happiness and our relationships.

Maybe as children we have it all figured out. Maybe when we are young we know exactly what are meant to be, and what we’re meant to do, which is why we all have such different interests and joy-bringing activities as kids. I liked playing outside our fenced-in yard in the woods and in the creek that was there. I also deeply enjoyed the arts and singing around the house. However, as we learn of the stresses of modern life, we cast aside who we truly are and the things we love in order to better guarantee success in life.

When I realized I wasn’t being honest with myself, the first place I turned to was my childhood. “What thing does my soul miss the most,” I asked. The answer came right to me. My whole being became flooded with emotion and creativity. I knew where to begin in rediscovering who I truly am and I did, frantically.


If you are feeling the same way I felt, or if the things I am saying resonate with any part of you, quiet your mind. It may only come as a whisper, it may take some time, it may come swiftly, or it may be so loud it echos through your heart and your mind, but your soul will tell you which way to go once it knows you will listen to it again.

The important thing to remember is you do not have to drastically change your life to start living more authentic to you. There is no urgent need to move from where you live, no urgent need to quit your job, and no urgency to uproot. The important thing is the knowledge you gain and what you do with that knowledge.

Begin small, in quiet moments, doing the things that you long for and give everything you can to that activity; it will make you feel more full and you will slowly find more of your happiness. Though change often comes quickly, it takes longer for our minds to process the aftermath. Go slowly, be patient and always give your best to yourself.

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